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Keeping it simple

All work in school, including single-school INSET :

£1200+VAT per day

Conferences :

£1500+VAT.  Price includes main presentation and optional workshops.

Small Conferences (fewer than 50 delegates):


Year-long character & resilience programme for groups of schools:

£1000+VAT per school (minimum price is for six schools)

Alternative pricing available for smaller groups.

Simple travel costs may also apply (see map below)

Booking: Welcome
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Simple Travel Costs

Travel and accommodation cost per visit

Green Zone : No travel costs

Yellow Zone : £95+VAT additional cost

Rest of UK : £195+VAT additional cost

If you are unsure of which zone you are in call me on 07897 946231 or get in touch using the form above with your school name and postcode.

Booking: Welcome
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