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For School.  For Home.  For Good.

My life was changed by a teacher (thank you, Mrs. Edwards.)

She didn't start with reading (though I'm glad she taught me that too.)

She had to start with my attitude.  She worked a kind of magic that transformed my view of myself, of learning, and of what I could be.

She taught me to be confident, to laugh, to have kindness, and to show empathy.

I went on to learn creativity, enthusiasm, concentration, pride in my work, and how to work well with others.

I've learnt to listen and to talk (and when to do each) and how to have dreams and then do the work to achieve them.

I was 9 years old.

She inspired me to become a teacher, and since then had the privilege to become an advisor supporting thousands of schools doing similar work.

I've taken the best research from around the world and helped translate it into classroom reality.  I've pioneered this work with schools acrross the UK and shared it at a conferences, including one to which I invited the education secretary (who came!)

I'd like to share what I've learnt with you...

...but on a webpage I can't convey the impact or the practical ease with which schools have been able to take their character and resilience work to the deepest and furthest reaches of their school.

Words have power, and children hear a lot of words during the school day.

Character matters.  Teaching matters.

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I am happy to discuss delivering this work in whatever way best suits your needs, but the three methods below are the most popular.



Inspire everyone

I love delivering INSET days.

Having the whole team together, often at the start of a term, leaves everyone with a shared sense of purpose and the momentum to get cracking.

I leave people with a host of practical ideas, suited to their role, and the feeling that they can't wait for the children to arrive!



Best of both worlds

This work includes everything.  I teach a class of pupils, with as many staff as possible coming in to the demo lesson. I then work with SLT to share fantastic ideas that they can easily incoprorate into their ongoing development, and finish the day with a staff meeting for everyone to kick start the ideas throughout the school.
This day can stand alone, or combine with INSET or further consulation.



Sustained, ongoing, collaboration

Talk to me about this!
A chance to work together with other schools in your family, trust, or teaching school for a whole year.  I work with leadership every half term to continually develop best practice around a wide variety of areas.  In addition I can spend time in each school, lauching ideas to staff or parents, teaching demonstration lessons etc.  It's the complete works-and it's a thrill.  A year's development for the same cost per school as a single day (minimum 6 schools.)

Everything above is based on my three fundamentals of evidence, practical application, and inspiration.
I always relate my work to the latest guidance from the DfE, EEF, and OFSTED  but without making it about 'doing it for OFSTED.' 
We do it for the children-and because it works.

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Character & Resilience: Testimonials

Inspirational content that will form the foundations of our approach to teaching and learning.

Tim Jewitt, Head Teacher, Snarestone Primary School

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