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I work with schools to create happy, motivated, skilled, passionate teachers & learners.

I am a teacher to my core, with a powerful belief in the difference that teachers can make to the lives of pupils.

I do this by turning evidence-based research into practical and inspring practice.

I've pioneered approaches with over 1000 schools that are adopted enthusiastically by staff, pupils, and parents.  I am the architect and delivery lead for the in-school work of the  Route to Resilience consortium on behalf of public health. This has been highly successful in over 300 schools across Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland.

Having worked in a variety of roles in primary schools for many years my work still involves demonstration elements where I teach children directly.  I call it 'living CPD' where staff can witness ideas in effect rather than simple talking about it.  Nothing is more powerful than seeing someone in practice, and the positive impact on pupils.

I work with primary schools, academy trusts, teaching school alliances, local authorities and others.

I prefer others to describe my work, so each page is filled with quotes from people I have worked with recently.

To have a chat about any of the themes I cover give me a call on 07897 946231 for a chat about your school, your staff, and your priorities.  Alternatively email

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Thank you.  Your enthusiasm, welath of knowledge and ideas always equips me to move onwards and upwards.

Dawn Solla, Head Teacher,Beaumont Lodge Primary

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