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Happy Staff.  Happy Pupils.  Happy School.  Happy Days!

I could thrill you with the stats on staff wellbeing and outstanding OFSTED rating, but I won't. 

There are better reasons to give this time.  Schools are about people.  Small people, big people, family people.  These people all matter, and they all affect each other.

One of the great advantages of visiting so many schools is that I get to pick up a lot of good ideas on my travels.

It's important to me that everything I share has been seen to be achievable and beneficial.



This staff wellbeing work includes reference to all the usual credible sources, but it's inspiring in the following ways that are sometimes missed by the official documents...



Who can do what-starting today.

Create a positive plan for who will do what, for the benefit of everyone.  Working together the team identify lots of simple practical ideas.  I have over 60 examples of practical changes schools have made that add up to having a big impact. 


Working in a school is not the same as other jobs, and the answers need to fit the system.  I once read the generic wellbeing advice that we should do things more slowly!  That is not the answer.  Knowing schools inside out and the lives of staff is essential.



The model used allows all staff, irrespective of role, to identify the specific actions that will support their wellbeing withing the system, wider system.


I'll whisper it quietly but teaching will always be hard work.  Don't get me wrong, many of the ideas do reduce workload, but it's also about appreciation, autonomy, the working environment, passion, supportive relationships, strategies for positive parents meetings and much more.



I am happy to discuss delivering this work in whatever way best suits your needs, but the three methjods below are the most popular.


Include everyone

I usually deliver staff wellbeing as one component of a wider INSET day covering any of my other topics that you'd like, such as learned optimism, character or motivation for learning.

The staff wellbeing work is positive, practical, and proven, but I'd still rather talk about staff wellbeing within the context of the whole school and whole bunch of other cracking ideas.


Heads together (or other SLT!)

This area lends itself to well to a group of school leaders working together, and creating a plan for their own school.
I deliver this on behalf of trusts, teaching schools, local authorities, or 'clusters' of local schools.  A highly cost effective means is for one school to host a session, as the single-day cost can then be divided amongst those attending.
Alternatively teaching schools etc. can provide this as part of their offer to members.


Spread the word

I deliver the highlights of my work as a conference keynote, with plenty of practical take-away ideas for delegates to use in school.

Whenever I do conferences I am always happy to do provide a more detailed workshop after the keynote for delegates to develop their plans in more detail.

See more about conferences and costs on the conference page.

Everything above is based on my three fundamentals of evidence, practical application, and inspiration.
I always relate my work to the latest guidance from the DfE, EEF, and OFSTED  but without making it about 'doing it for OFSTED.' 
We do it for the children-and because it works.


Very inspiring - reminded me of why you wanted to become a teacher in the first place, and make a real difference to children’s education and lives.

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